"There’s a bright, youthful spark to the Modigliani quartet’s playing – and I mean youthful in the best possible way. The sound is mainly light and shiny (...) the litheness is invigorating, and there’s a stripped-back beauty in the slow movements that stopped me in my tracks."

The Guardian, Kate Molleson

"The Modigliani String Quartet play with elegance and shaded refinement, bringing a distinctive style to the tapering of phrase, balance and the quality of sound…
Inscrutable balance, unforced and unmannered tonal smoothness and subtly astringent individuality of the four fine old instruments they played created a satisfying mixture of sweetness, clarity and substance…

The quartet's playing was stylish but not faddish, infused with fine shades and ineffable sophistication."

The Sydney Morning Herald

« The Modigliani played Dvorak's American as if it had been specially written for them and in the hands of the players, Schubert's musical magic embraced an audience which listened in absorbed silence»

The West Australian

« This French ensemble is beautifully modulated, in the sense that every player has equal presence and voice, expressed with dashing fervour in Dohnányi (Quartet No 3) and gossamer brilliance in Ravel's quartet. » 

The Guardian

"It is a real treat to hear with what panache, what witty playfulness, what youthful energy the quartet plays, yet never yielding to casualness. The balance of the four voices, the delicacy of sounds is always impressive, with constant attention to dynamics, harmony and rhythmic precision. It sounds effortless, sovereign and extremely supple."

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggbrecht

“Modigliani musicians show they’re a fab foursome”

Seattle Times

“One of today’s best quartets in the world…Balance, transparency, symphonic comprehension, confident style, their performance reached a very high and inspiring level.” 

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggbrecht

“ The Modigliani quartet clearly belongs to the world’s greatest "

Le Monde

“ A gripping and persuasive performance, played with awesome individual and communal brilliance ” 

The Strad

The range of dynamics and colour is wide, and the rhythmic tension and drive—in the Finale of Haydn’s Rider Quartet and elsewhere—superb. They also give the music space, in the Rider’s visionary slow movement and in the deceptively leisurely opening of the Sunrise Quartet.” 
The Sunday Times

The Modigliani played with animated zest and an underlying tension which built up momentum to frenetic climaxes, highlighting the taut pizzicatos in the second movement and the languid exchange of the main theme in the third.” 

The New York Times

With its immense musical gifts, this foursome has the potential to someday reach the top echelon.” 
The Washington Post

The Birmingham Chamber Music Society's season opened with one of the world’s great established string quartets. It closed Sunday with what could rank among the finest of the next generation. The Modigliani Quartet have forged a rare combination of depth, enthusiasm and near-faultless technique.” 
The Birmingham News

The Modigliani is not the kind of quartet, common today, that lures the listener into a bath of warm, sumptuous string tone, or that dazzles with pyrotechnics. Instead it plays with a Gallic cool, supported by a solid, thoroughly unified technique.” 
The New York Times

Haydn and Ravel seemed to live again with the outstanding Modigliani quartet’s unforgettable flame.” 
Le Monde de la Musique

The Modiglaini Quartet played Kurtag’s 12 Microludes marvellously, followed by a dazzling interpretation of Ravel’s Quartet, showing great maturity.” 

Throughout this recording the young musicians are the perfect example of how a promising flower can bloom into a wonderful fruit: pulpy, juicy, extremely tasty and fragrant.”
Res Musica

Amazing musical maturity and cohesion... an excellent understanding of the harmonic density of works and a great polyphonic limpidness… an outstanding sense of rhythm.” Classica Répertoire